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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Quemix Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and considers it a social responsibility to protect personal information.

  • The Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information.

  • The Company will collect personal information only within the scope of the purpose of collection after clarifying the purpose of collection. The use of personal information will not deviate from the purpose for which it was collected.

  • We will strictly manage personal information, and will not disclose or provide data to third parties without the consent of the customer.

  • We will continue to improve our management system and mechanisms for protecting personal information.

  • We will respond appropriately to any complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

Contact for inquiries regarding the handling of Personal information

Quemix Inc. Headquarters


Quemix Co., Ltd. is committed to providing consistently secure and safe services, striving to maintain the trust of our customers. Recognizing that the security of information and information systems (referred to as information assets) is a critical business concern that impacts our company's existence, we have established ISMS regulations and are dedicated to compliance with relevant regulations and maintaining a robust information security management system.

Our entire staff acknowledges the importance of information security and adheres to the following fundamental principles for protecting information assets:

  • Establishment of Information Security Management System

Quemix deeply understands the significance of information security in an IT-driven society. We are dedicated to building secure and convenient information communication networks and systems, as well as providing secure information services.

  • Conducting Risk Assessments

Quemix systematically conducts risk analysis to implement appropriate information security measures in response to identified risks. We categorize the confidentiality levels of information assets, assess threats and vulnerabilities, and based on the results, develop and continuously improve security measures.

  • Employee Awareness, Education, and Training

Quemix ensures that all employees are fully aware that protecting information is fundamental to our business operations and a significant societal responsibility. We provide suitable education and training to all employees, emphasizing compliance with this policy and ISMS documents.

  • Incident and Accident Response for Information Security

Quemix establishes procedures for preventing information security incidents and accidents and ensures their strict implementation by employees. This proactive approach helps prevent the occurrence of information security incidents and accidents.

​Information Security Management System 'ISO 27001'

Quemix Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that as of August 18, 2023, we have obtained certification for the international standard "ISO/IEC 27001" for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

In today's increasingly globalized business environment, we recognize the importance of providing services based on the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013. We believe that this certification is extremely effective in maintaining and improving our information security standards.

With this certification, it has been independently verified by a third-party organization that we have established a robust information management system that ensures security.

The details of the certification are as follows:

BSI Group Japan K.K.

Approving Registration Authority

IS 561777

Certification Registration Number


Certification Registration Date



All Departments of Quemix Inc.

Registered Scope of Activities

Certification Details

Information Security Management System "ISO 27001"

 Security Policy

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