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Quloud is a cloud-based materials calculation platform that allows the entire research team to easily use advanced materials calculation simulation software.

Materials simulation technologies such as first-principles calculations and molecular dynamics calculations can elucidate the structures of promising compounds and reaction routes of substances without conducting experiments, and are used in manufacturing fields such as materials, chemistry, drug discovery, and manufacturing. , is expected to be used to develop better materials more efficiently. On the other hand, many of the current materials calculation software are highly difficult for experts, and require computer hardware tuning, maintenance, and management, which is a major hurdle for researchers who want to start material calculations. 

The cloud-based material calculation platform "Quloud" uses major open source software such as OpenMX, Quantum ESPRESSO, RSDFT, and LAMMPS, as well as Quemix's proprietary magnetic material simulation software, which requires only a PC browser connected to the Internet. You can start using Quloud-Mag right away. (Quloud-Mag is scheduled to be included in the next version) It is maintenance-free and can be used easily without the hassle of troublesome software version upgrades or hardware tuning work. There is no limit to the number of users using the service, and you can use it only for the period you want to calculate the theme.

Quloud aims to become the de facto standard cloud-based materials calculation platform that can be used not only by researchers who specialize in materials calculations but also by experimenters with no previous experience in materials calculations.


​Quemix proprietary calculation software and
Equipped with major domestic and international calculation software

You can use major domestic and international material calculation software such as RSDFT, OpenMX, and Quantum ESPRESSO, as well as magnetic material simulation software originally developed by Quemix.

Another advantage of Quloud, a cloud service, is that variations of the installed calculation software are automatically added through regular version updates.


​Large-scale calculation using HPC/parallel distributed processing

Quloud's calculator uses high-performance computing technology from Amazon Web Services. For simulations of large-scale models that require calculation time, by setting up parallel and distributed processing, it is possible to obtain calculation results within a realistic time range.

At Quemix, we are strongly promoting research and development of quantum algorithms with a view to using quantum computers as Quloud computers in the future.


​From beginners to veteran researchers
Excellent usability

With a user interface that allows modeling, simulation, and analysis to be performed seamlessly, it can be used intuitively by both material calculation experts and beginners who are inexperienced with material calculation. There is no limit to the number of users who can use it, so all researchers involved can use it and share calculation results. Quloud can be used with just a browser connected to the Internet, making it easy for researchers in remote locations to conduct collaborative research.


Why choose Quloud?

Calculation software available on Quloud

​Quloud can be used with major domestic and international material calculation software such as RSDFT, OpenMX, PIMD, Quantum ESPRESSO, and LAMMPS, as well as Quemix's original simulation software.

Quloud-Mag is a magnetic material simulation software originally developed by Quemix that supports the development of magnetic materials and devices. (Planned to be implemented in the next version)


Magnetic material simulation

PIMD is an open source software for parallel molecular simulations that was independently developed by Dr. Motoyuki Shiga (Chief Researcher, Japan Atomic Energy Agency).


machine learning molecular dynamics
Self-learning hybrid Monte Carlo

LAMMPS is a classical molecular dynamics (MD) calculation program developed by S. Plimpton's group at the US Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories.


​Classical molecular dynamics calculation

Quantum ESPRESSO is a standard open source first-principles calculation simulation software used worldwide.


​​An open software package for performing first-principles simulations of matter from the atomic level.


This is simulation software that enables large-scale parallel calculations that discretize the space in which matter exists and perform numerical calculations.


​​First-principles electronic structure calculation

total energy​

Electronic state SCF calculation

Structural optimization calculation

Lattice constant optimization calculation​

Chemical reaction barrier calculation

First-principles molecular dynamics calculations

Electronic band structure calculation

Electronic density of states calculation

Atomic structure visualization

Bulk crystal and point defect modeling

Band structure visualization

Density of states visualization

Surface slab model creation

hydrogen termination

Atomic restraint

Initial spin configuration

​Available model creation functions, calculation functions, analysis and visualization functions

Wave function and electron density*¹ Visualization

Brillouin Zone*² Visualization

molecular dynamics animation

Uniform electric field*³ applied

Charge state correction

Cohesive energy calculation

Formation energy calculation

Equilibrium phase diagram calculation

classical molecular dynamics calculations

radial distribution function

diffusion coefficient

Crystal structure database linkage

Molecular structure database linkage

Interface structure modeling

Cell shape conversion

*¹ Volume data / *² Sample k-point and band path / *³ saw-tooth type

Function introduction

​Atomic structure data search/file upload

​To start material calculations or modeling, you need to prepare the original atomic structure. Quloud allows you to prepare these by searching for crystal structures (Materials Project) and molecular structures (PubChem) in external databases, and by uploading atomic structure files that are compatible with major formats.

​Selection of calculation software

​Quloud allows you to use various material calculation software such as first-principles calculation, classical MD, machine learning MD, etc., and you can compare one model with multiple first-principles calculation software or You can easily carry over the results and run a completely different simulation.

​Atomic structure modeling ①

Ideally, a crystal can be expressed as a repeating small unit structure, but in real materials there are always defects and impurities that break the repeating pattern. Quloud has the ability to create supercell models of crystals and create models with defects and impurities introduced.

​Atomic structure modeling ②

Surface and interface models are also very important as models for realistic materials. It is not easy for users to create these models manually, but with Quloud, it is possible to create surface and interface models simply by intuitively setting physical quantities using the GUI.

​Atomic structure modeling ③

Quloud can handle not only crystal structure data but also molecular structure data. This makes it easy to create a supercell model from the structure of an isolated molecule, or to introduce molecules into a crystal or surface model, for example.

​Visualization of calculation results ①

Not only can you obtain simulation results as tables or files, but you can also check the results immediately on your browser using graphs and other visualization methods.

Visualization of calculation results ②

When performing calculations that evolve over time, such as molecular dynamics simulations, it is also possible to visualize the results as animations.

Manage/share calculation results

All data is centrally managed on the cloud, so members belonging to the same group can easily share calculation data even when working remotely. It also has a wide range of functions useful for managing jobs and data, such as the ability to associate jobs with each other and combine multiple jobs into a "project."

For companies and research institutions considering implementing Quloud


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Usage Flow







Please feel free to contact us using the "CONTACT" button below.


Our experienced researchers will listen to your requests and feedback.

Submission of quotation specifications

We will propose the optimal analysis methods and procedures, and create a quotation including the delivery schedule, fees, and other specifications.

Place your order

We will respond to your questions and requests, and proceed with your order upon mutual agreement.

Submission of analysis work report

We will compile the analysis results, evaluations, and discussions into a report and deliver it to you.

If you have any questions about Quloud's service specifications, service usage prices, or any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

For companies suffering from a lack of human resources and know-how for material calculations

  • Please contact us first. We will conduct an initial meeting to discuss your requirements (either in-person or online). After the meeting, we will send you a quotation specification document. This document will outline the specific methods, procedures, delivery schedule, costs, etc., for the analysis. Please review it, and if there are no issues, please place your order. *No charges will be incurred until the submission of the quotation specification document.

  • We are available for consultation. During the initial meeting, we will conduct a hearing and discussion to propose solutions for problem-solving.

  • We will calculate the cost based on the scheduled number of days our researchers will be working and the total computing time required.

  • We guarantee that the calculation results delivered will have been computed using the best methods available at the time. If there are discrepancies from the specifications, we will address them as defects and provide appropriate measures, including recalculations if necessary. However, please note that we do not guarantee that the calculation results will match experimental values.

  • Depending on the specific contract, we typically provide support for a period of several months, during which we will respond to your questions via email or other means of communication.

  • Depending on the specific contract, but typically, all rights belong to the customer. Legally, the copyright (property rights, moral rights) remains with us, but we do not assert those rights.


Quloud Hands-on Seminar

We hold hands-on seminars where you can actually experience the basic operations of Quloud for those who want to start material calculation and those who want to use Quloud.

Contract analysis/calculation service

Quemix's highly specialized researchers provide highly reliable contract analysis and calculation services.

Even if you are new to calculations, you can use it with confidence.If you provide us with your molecular structure and desired analysis content, our expert staff will suggest the most suitable calculation method. We also provide simulation outsourcing and test operations using Quloud, allowing you to use services tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

​Quloud Free Trial

For customers considering using Quloud service, we offer a trial service where you can try Quloud for free for one month.

Quloud Official usage application

If you wish to use the Quloud service, please fill out the required information in this application form and submit.

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