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​Service information

Service specifications

Service usage time

In principle, it is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However, we do not guarantee the occupancy rate.

If maintenance is to be performed that requires service suspension, we will notify you two weeks in advance of the work date.

Support hours

For inquiries regarding service operations, please contact us using the inquiry form.
We will respond between 10:00 and 17:00 on business days determined by our company.

For urgent inquiries, please contact us via our main telephone number (03-6665-0146).

​Maintenance time

Due to reasons such as system maintenance and version upgrades, we will carry out maintenance work on a regular or temporary basis.

If we perform maintenance work that involves service suspension, we will notify you two weeks in advance of the work date.

​Version upgrade

We will periodically or ad hocly update the version due to reasons such as addition of calculation functions, corrections, security enhancements, etc.



In the case of version upgrades that involve additions or corrections to functions, we will notify you of the version update information in the release notes.

Calculation software available






​Information update date


service price

​Initial setup cost

Free (Academia)

100,000 yen (general)


*The displayed price excludes tax.

*We will set up a customer-exclusive usage environment.

*Initial setup fees will not be incurred when renewing (continuing) the contract.

Basic service usage fee

Basic service usage: 3 months (1TB disk, 75,000 calculation points included)

150,000 yen (Academia)

300,000 yen (general)

Basic service usage: 6 months (1TB disk, 150,000 calculation points included)

300,000 yen (Academia)

600,000 yen (general)

Basic service usage: 12 months (1TB disk, 300,000 calculation points included)

600,000 yen (Academia)

1,200,000 yen (general)

*The displayed price excludes tax.

*There is no limit to the number of user accounts that can use the basic service.

​Optional service cost

Addition of calculation points (per 10,000 points)

5,000 yen (Academia)

10,000 yen (general)

*The displayed price excludes tax.

*Calculation points can only be used during the basic service contract period. It cannot be carried over to a renewed contract.

Add disk (per additional 1TB)

​25,000 yen per month (Academia)

50,000 yen per month (general)

*The displayed price excludes tax.

*Added discs cannot be canceled until the basic service contract period ends.

*If there is no special request, the additional disk will continue to be used even at the time of renewal.

*Disk capacity can be expanded up to 5TB including the basic service.

​Information update date


Concept of calculation points

When performing calculations, you can select and use one of the calculation environments listed below. In each calculation environment, arithmetic units are started in "startup units".

HPC (Product Run) allows you to perform parallel calculations by starting multiple nodes at the same time.

1. Small scale test

Boot unit: 1 core*

Maximum parallelism per node*: 128

​Consumption calculation points per startup unit: 10pt/core・hour

2. HPC Product Run

Startup unit: 1node*

Maximum parallelism per node*: 64

​Consumption calculation points per startup unit: 1,280pt/core・hour

*“core” refers to the equivalent of a virtual CPU (vCPU) in Amazon Web Service.
*One unit of "node" is equivalent to 128 cores.
*The "parallel count" is the product of the process parallel count and the thread parallel count.

⚫The cost of calculation execution will be paid with pre-purchased points.
⚫The number of points required to perform the calculation is as stated above, and the number of points required for one job will be determined at the end of the calculation and will be deducted from the number of points held.
⚫The number of points required for one job is calculated including the time required to start and stop the computing environment.
⚫The number of parallels and calculation time are set when submitting a calculation job, and if the expected number of consumed points calculated from them exceeds the number of points held, the calculation job cannot be submitted.

Information update date:   2024/6/25

Release notes


​Added calculation function.

・Machine learning MD (pre-trained machine learning force field)

​・Effective mass calculation from band calculation

The user interface has been revised.

​Release date:2024/6/25


​​Added calculation software.


​Release date: 2023/11/1

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