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Materials Calculation

In materials development, the importance of materials simulation is increasing day by day.
We have many researchers who have been involved in materials simulation in industry and academia for a long time, and have accumulated knowledge and experience in this field. We can also provide consultation on material calculation training to improve your own material calculation skills.


Products and Services

We have researchers and engineers who can use quantum computers, supercomputers, and cloud computing for high performance computing. We have researchers and engineers who know how to use them. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about computers or various simulations.


We will start providing the service of Quloud material calculation software developed by our company.

Quloud's main calculation engine RSDFT is an atomic simulation code/RSDFT materials calculation code that won the prestigious Gordon Bell Peak Performance Award in the world of computational science in 2011.It is a calculation code that we have greatly evolved based on. Quloud provides the code and environment for it, and we can handle both inorganic and organic materials.


Provision of material calculation software


Analysis with Quantum

Using quantum computers (annealing and gating methods) and pseudo-quantum computers, we optimize each problem and help improve the efficiency of your business.
We will also consult with you on a wide range of DX promotion within your company in collaboration with Reversible Sky Inc. and propose problem-solving technologies such as formatting raw data using Google Cloud, centralized management, AI analysis based on data, and calculation of optimal solutions using quantum computers and pseudo-quantum computers.


Joint Research

We will collaborate with your company on research and development for the coming era of quantum computer applications.
There are very few people in the world who have sufficient knowledge to use quantum computers, but our experience, knowledge, and know-how in quantum algorithm development will help you deepen your understanding of quantum computers and quantum algorithm development, which will lead to the formation of concrete projects and the development of internal human resources.


Free Provision


This is an atomistic simulation code for materials written in Python.

It is a Python version of the density functional theory (DFT) program that has become the standard for materials simulation in recent years. The shortness of Python-QueDFT makes it easy to grasp the whole picture of DFT code. In general, the flow of DFT code is the same, so feel free to use it as an educational tool to understand what is going on inside DFT code, to touch DFT code a little, or to tweak the contents of DFT code to develop your own theories.


PITE®️ is an abbreviation for Probabilistic Imaginary-Time Evolution, and is one of the imaginary time evolution methods using a single auxiliary bit developed by our company. SimPITE, developed by our company, is a quantum computer simulation program that uses PITE®️ to output the ground state of a quantum system. If you would like to use it, please check the terms of use and contact us from the button below.

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