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Announcement of New Quemix Organization and Launch of Computational Materials Development Support Se

Quemix has started a new organization in August with Yuichiro Matsushita as CEO. Under the new organization, Quemix will strengthen its collaboration with academia, further accelerate research and development of new quantum computing technologies, and provide new services to our customers. Under the new structure, Quemix will be staffed with experts in both inorganic and organic materials calculations. Under the new structure, we will start providing support services for computational materials development. By effectively using material calculations, we can help our customers accelerate their material and device development.

SiC-MOSFET devices are used in the Shinkansen bullet train and Tesla's Model 3 electric car, and their application as power semiconductors is expected to expand in the future. In this study, we proposed a new oxide film formation method based on material calculations, and succeeded in developing a technology that improves the performance of SiC-MOSFET devices by a factor of 10 and reduces the cost of SiC-MOS devices by a factor of several. This research result has been covered by many media.

The above is one example of how we were able to dramatically speed up the development of materials and devices by using material calculations. In this service, we will provide you with our know-how and expertise. If you are interested in applying our computational materials development support service to your business, please feel free to contact us at Quemix Corporation <>.



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