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Method to Make Quantum Computations More Accurate by Reducing Errors in Quantum Computers

Quemix has developed and published a paper ("" ) on a method to make quantum computing more accurate by reducing quantum noise effects (computational errors or errors) that occur in the process of quantum computing.

Since quantum computers are vulnerable to quantum noise, error correction or reduction is one of the major research issues. Utilizing the knowledge obtained from our previous research ("Quantum Circuits for Collective Amplitude Attenuation in Two-Quantum Systems" ( "" )), we have developed an error reduction method using noise quantum circuits to quantitatively evaluate errors associated with quantum noise effects (Fig. 1).

This method can be implemented in all types of quantum hardware and quantum algorithms, and is expected to lead to the provision of highly reliable information processing systems because of its versatility in dealing with various types of quantum noise.

Quemix will continue to develop the underlying algorithms and software to realize the use of quantum computers.

Fig. 1 Noise quantum circuits and error mitigation method



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