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A Demonstration Experiment of Optimizing Workplace Seating in the Wake of a New COVID-19 Infection

Based on the quantum principle, Quemix has demonstrated the optimization of work attendance in the disaster of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

As a way of working with Corona (COVID-19), many companies impose restrictions on the number of employees who come to work. Under the Corona measure, the seats of employees when they come to work are arranged to meet various requirements. In doing so, it is necessary to find the best arrangement that meets the requirements from among the enormous number of seating arrangements. However, it has been extremely difficult to find the optimal seating arrangement out of so many possibilities. This time, we have conducted a demonstration experiment to solve the seating optimization problem quickly by using an optimization method based on quantum principles. Through this demonstration, we have shown that a program can automatically and quickly realize seat optimization, which used to take a long time to determine by hand.

We will sequentially develop and provide optimization services based on quantum principles. Please feel free to contact Quemix Corporation <> if you are interested in applying our services to your business or if you have any questions.



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