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Joined the Quantum ICT Forum to accelerate quantum research

Quemix has joined the Quantum ICT Forum, a general incorporated association that supports the sound development of quantum information and communication technology by exchanging information on the latest research results and technology trends, promoting industry-academia-government collaboration and human resource exchange, and proposing strategies for promoting research and development.

The Forum, which was established in 2001 as the Representative Council for Quantum Information and Communications Research of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, has been active in quantum technology for 20 years and has nearly 100 corporate and individual members.

Although the potential of quantum information technology has been known since the mid-1980s, it had been challenging to realize. However, in the 2010s, it was suddenly recognized as a feasible technology, and expectations are rising worldwide.

However, in the 2010s, it was quickly recognized as a feasible technology, and expectations are rising worldwide. Information and communication are directly related to society, and cryptography is the key to security. The Forum has set up three technology promotion committees: quantum computing, quantum key transport, and quantum measurement and sensing, to realize a creative and sustainable society through highly sensitive and accurate sensors, high-speed computers, and low-latency, highly secure communications.

Through the activities of these committees, Quemix will continue to actively promote the research and development of quantum technologies and contribute to open innovation.



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