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New paper : "Adiabatic Ground State Evolution" is posted on arXiv.

Yusuke Nishiya, Hirofumi Nishi, Yannick Couzunié, Taichi Kosugi, and Yu-ichiro Matsushita have posted a paper entitled ”First-quantized adiabatic time evolution for the ground state of a many-electron system and the optimal nuclear structure” on arXiv.

Summary: In this study, for the first time, we proposed a quantum circuit for ground state calculations using the adiabatic real-time evolution of the first-quantized many-electron system Hamiltonian, along with a method for constructing the appropriate input state. Furthermore, we extended this method to treat multiple nuclear configurations as quantum superposition states in order to find the most stable configuration among them.

This circuit differs significantly from the methods we have previously proposed, such as the Probabilistic Imaginary Time Evolution (PITE®️), which involve non-unitary operations implemented using ancillary qubits. In contrast, this circuit is composed solely of unitary operations.



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