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Paper on Annealing for prediction of grand canonical crystal structures has been published on arXiv

Yannick Couzinie, Yusuke Nishiya, Hirofumi Nishi, Taichi Kosugi, Yu-ichiro Matsushita of Quemix have published a paper on arXiv titled "Annealing for prediction of grand canonical crystal structures: Efficient implementation of n-body atomic interactions".

In this paper, we propose an implementation scheme for the crystal structure prediction problem for crystals governed by n-body interatomic potentials on quantum annealers. Using simulated annealing we have shown that it is possible to simultaneously optimise for the nuclear structure as well as the optimal particle density in the unit cell, a calculation we call grand canonical. In particular we have shown that for the observed Lennard-Jones cluster the grand canonical calculation is faster than the micro canonical one with a fixed particle density (Fig. 1) while maintaining the correct particle density in both cases. Further, we shown that for a MoS2 unit cell governed by a three-body Stillinger-Weber potential modeling covalent bonds we not only get the ground state 2h configuration but also the 1t local minimum configuration. We also provide an efficient implementation heuristic that reduces higher order interactions by up to 20%, paving the way for implementation on D-Wave devices.



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