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Paper on”Quadratic speedups of multi-step probabilistic algorithms in state preparation”on arXiv

Hirofumi Nishi, Taichi Kosugi, Yusuke Nishiya, Yu-ichiro Matsushita of Quemix have published a paper on arXiv titled “Quadratic speedups of multi-step probabilistic algorithms in state preparation”.

The quantum circuit developed through this study

Quantum state preparation (e.g., ground-state calculation) is a fundamental building block for various problems. We are developing a probabilistic imaginary-time evolution (PITE) method that probabilistically acts as a non-unitary operator decaying undesirable states, such as excited states. In this study, we clarified that the probabilistic nature worsens the computational costs, and the quantum advantage cannot appear in a worst-case scenario. To address this problem, we propose a new methodology that combines a multistep PITE with quantum amplitude amplification, leading to quantum acceleration.



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