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PITE®️ (Probabilistic Imaginary Time Evolution) developed by Quemix has been granted a patent.

PITE®️ (Probabilistic Imaginary-Time Evolution) stands out for its ability to perform true quantum optimization, making it a promising algorithm for the era of full-fledged quantum computing. It differs from variational quantum algorithms (VQA), which can only optimize quantum states within a limited range as introduced by the user.

One of the promising applications of PITE®️ is in quantum chemistry calculations, particularly in structural optimization. Research papers have already demonstrated that PITE®️ can efficiently carry out calculations to find the optimal structure among multiple candidate molecules, surpassing classical computers in this regard.

PITE®️ utilizes a superposition state of quantum bits containing multiple candidate structures as the initial state. Through PITE®️ calculations, it progressively increases the proportion of the optimal structure. Ultimately, by measuring the state with the highest proportion, it is possible to find the optimal structure. This method is challenging to achieve on classical computers and can be efficiently executed only on quantum computers.

Since PITE®️ is a general technique, its applications are not limited to quantum chemistry but can extend to other fields as well. In the imminent era of full-fledged quantum computing, PITE®️ is poised to play a significant role as a standard technology, serving as a valuable tool for various applications.

Quemix have strong confidence in the potential of PITE®️ to make significant contributions to the industrial sector. If you are a company or an academic institution interested in collaborative research utilizing PITE®, please feel free to contact us here:

Here is a link to the explanatory article about PITE®️:



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