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Selected for the FY2021 National Security Technology Research Promotion Program

QUEMIX's research has been selected for the "Security Technology Research Promotion Program" by the Defense Acquisition Agency. Under this program, the Defense Acquisition and Technology Agency invites applications for basic research with the hope that advanced civilian technologies will contribute to future research and development in the defense sector.

QUEMIX, in collaboration with the National Institute of Quantum Science and Technology (NICT) and the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), proposed "Research on Long-Range Quantum Sensing at the Seafloor and Underground", which was adopted by the Security Technology Research Promotion Committee. According to the Defense Acquisition and Technology Agency, there were 91 applications for the "Research Promotion Program for Security Technology" in FY2021, and 23 of them were adopted.

In this research, we will focus on the attenuation of light and radio frequencies in the measurement system, which is an issue in long-distance measurement with quantum sensors that can measure the earth's field and temperature, and develop a technology that enables stable and highly sensitive quantum sensing* even at distant observation points by controlling the electron spins in the silicon carbide base material sensor.

At QUEMIX, we aim to solve problems by combining quantum device technologies, including quantum sensors, with the development of algorithms for machine learning, quantum chemistry, simulation, and optimization, centered on quantum computers. Through this research, we will contribute to the defense and security of Japan.

Quantum sensing is a method of measuring physical quantities by using quantum effects.



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