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Quemix's quantum algorithm PITE®️ is a promising method for preparing Hamiltonian ground states.

A new paper "Optimal scheduling in probabilistic imaginary-time evolution on a quantum computer", co-authored by Hirofumi Nishi, Yusuke Nishiya, Taichi Kosugi, and Yu-ichiro Matsushita of Quemix, and Koki Hamada - intern is posted on

Ground state preparation is an important task in quantum computation. The probabilistic imaginary-time evolution (PITE®️) method is a promising candidate for the ground state preparation of the Hamiltonian, which consists of a single ancilla qubit and forward and backward controlled real-time evolution operators. Ground state preparation is a challenging task even in quantum computation, classified as quantum Merlin-Arthur complexity class. However, optimal parameters for PITE®️ could potentially improve the computational efficiency to some extent. In this paper, we analyse the computational cost of the PITE®️ method for both linear and exponential scheduling of the imaginary time step size to reduce the computational cost.

The results of this work can make a significant contribution to the field of ground state preparation of many-body Hamiltonians on quantum computers.

In order to allow academic researchers to experience the excellence of Quemix's PITE®️, we have decided to offer SimPITE for academic research purposes for free.

We are also looking for academic researchers interested in collaborative development of PITE®️.

For further information about SimPITE, please visit our SimPITE page at

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