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Taichi Kosugi, PITE®️ developer, will give a talk on imaginary-time evolution and PITE®️ tomorrow.

Date & Time:10/20,

10:00 - 10:30

"Advantage of imaginary-time evolution for first-quantized electronic systems "

will describe various imaginary-time evolution approaches for quantum computers and explain different aspects of the excellence of PITE®️.

Imaginary-time evolution algorithms have the potential to exploit the performance of quantum computers, and have attracted a great deal of attention on quantum computers. However, the imaginary-time evolution algorithms on quantum computers that have been proposed so far use a hybrid algorithm with a classical computer, so the speed of computation on the classical computer side has been an issue.

In contrast, PITE®️ developed by Quemix makes it possible to perform imaginary-time evolution using only a quantum computer. PITE®️ has succeeded in demonstrating the potential for significantly reducing computational cost and achieving higher computational accuracy than previously proposed methods for quantum chemistry calculations.

In order to allow academic researchers to experience the excellence of Quemix's PITE®️, we have decided to offer SimPITE for academic research purposes for free.

We are also looking for academic researchers interested in collaborative development of PITE®️.

For further information about SimPITE, please visit our SimPITE page at

and click the "Contact" button.



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